Sisters of the Last Straw (Book 4)


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Sisters of the Last Straw 4: The Case of the Flower Phantom

Mysterious Messages... A New Sisters Mystery

Who is sending STRANGE FLOWERS  to the Sisters' Thanksgiving guest, Gabby?

Is someone trying to send Gabby a HIDDEN MESSAGE? 

The Case of the Flower Phantom

Our first series for younger readers.

Meet the Sisters of the Last Straw, a group of sisters struggling hard to overcome their bad habits. Sister Krumbles forgets everything. Sister Shiny can't stop polishing and cleaning everything. Mother Mercy has a terrible temper. Yet when the misfit nuns band together to form a new order, lessons on tolerance and forgiveness (as well as much hilarity!) ensue. Wonderfully illustrated by Sue Gioulis, this series by veteran Catholic novelist Karen Kelly Boyce is sure to please readers of all ages. Sister Lovely's cousin Gabby loves to talk about people ... even if her stories hurt people's feelings! Then someone starts sending Gabby yellow carnations. Could it be their nasty next-door neighbor Mr. Lemon?

Ages 6-12

5" x 7"

98 pages

"The rollicking and winsome tales of the hijinks of a ficticious order of nuns which embodies our best experiences of the sisters we have known."  

Fr. Giles Dimock, OP, STD 

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