Sing Along Adventures of the Saints


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Sing Along Adventures of the Saints brings the saints to life like never before.

CLICK HERE To Download The CD LyricsThis upbeat collection of songs will get your little one dancing and singing while learning about the saints. The engaging music and lyrics unite learning and fun for an educational experience that is both child and parent approved. Children love hearing about beloved saints in a dynamic format and parents love that their children are learning real facts and growing in their faith. Ten inspiring tales are sung in all original recordings and lyrics, including the stories of

1. Missionary – St. Frances Cabrini

2. Circus Fun – St. John Bosco

3. A Miracle to Me – St. Brigid

4. Goin’ for a Walk – St. Tarcisius

5. A Simple Life – St. Bernadette Soubirous

6. Augustine’s Bad Day – St. Augustine

7. She’s Gonna Speak Out – St. Rose of Viterbo

8. I’m gonna be a Pope some Day – St. Pope Pius X

9. Who could I Be? – St. Therese

10. Just like Dominic Savio – St. Dominic Savio

Beautiful Lady – BONUS TRACK! 

Experience the lives of the saints in a whole new way with Sing Along Adventures of the Saints.

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