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The glowing illustration on the Gifts of the Spirit Prayer Pillowcase is a wonderful reminder both of the transforming energy of the Holy Spirit and the seven sanctifying gifts we receive with the Sacrament of Confirmation. The very same gifts granted to the Blessed Virgin and the Apostles on Pentecost!

Although most of us can name the Gifts of the Spirit, many of us forget what they mean and how they help us every day. Here's a quick reminder:

  • The gift of wisdom, by detaching us from the world, makes us relish and love only the things of heaven.
  • The gift of understanding helps us to grasp the truths of religion as far as is necessary.
  • The gift of counsel enables us to see and choose correctly what will help most to the glory of God and our own salvation.
  • By the gift of fortitude we receive courage to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that arise in the practice and living of our Faith.
  • The gift of knowledge points out to us the path to follow and the dangers to avoid in order to reach heaven.
  • The gift of piety, by inspiring us with a tender and filial confidence in God, make us joyfully embrace all that pertains to His service.
  • Lastly, the gift of fear fills us with a sovereign respect for God, and makes us dread, above all things, to offend Him.

Confirmation is also a personal Pentecost - a time when the Holy Spirit descends upon young Catholics and gives them the gifts they need to proclaim the Faith. Gifts they will carry with them until the end of time! Though Confirmation seems to complete one's spiritual "Boot Camp" it's really just the beginning of life as a Catholic. To be truly effective defenders of the Faith the newly confirmed need to keep training, keep growing, keep practicing, keep living what they've learned! Having a Gifts of the Spirit Prayer Pillowcase nearby makes it easy to remember the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their gifts! And they'll be encouraged to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit each and every day of their journey through the world as Catholics.

  • Designed and printed in the USA
  • Water-based ink that is CPSIA compliant
  • 20" x 31" Poly-Cotton case fits standard and queen-sized pillows

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