*My Lord & God Lantern


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New My Lord & God Lantern!
Made in the USA!

Take advantage of our introductory pricing for a limited time!

Sometimes it's the simple things that give so much joy! Our NEW and Exclusive laser cut Lantern offers a gentle glow that will light any room with the soothing reminder of our Lord. Each lantern is handmade with true craftsmanship by my dad Todd Brakefield. Every lantern includes a U.S. standard Plug-in Clip light that easily snaps into the back of the lantern and is ready to go. Our new lantern emits a beautiful peaceful glow which is perfect décor for any room in your home!

Made in the USA!

  • Approximate dimensions: 6"x8"x2.5".
  • 110v plug in light included.
  • Baltic birch wood.

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