FeastDay! (The Liturgical Year Board Game)


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FeastDay is an exciting new board game for two or more players or teams that plays through the liturgical year exposing players to colors, symbols, saints, holy days, feast days, and more!

How is The Feast Day Game played?

This is a learning game based on informative trivia questions for each of the liturgical (Church) seasons. If players start on the Advent season, the start of the Church year, and progress around the board, they can in effect “play” their way through the year. There are question cards for each season along with bonus FeastDay! cards explaining about feasts and devotions.

Game includes box, high durability game board, one six-sided die, and 80 question cards: 10 Advent, 10 Christmas, 20 Ordinary Time, 10 Lent, 10 Triduum, 10 Easter, and 10 FeastDay Trivia Cards!

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