Countdown To Christmas




This wooden Advent calendar, designed like a Christmas tree is a fun way to count down the days until Christmas.


  • This wooden Advent calendar comes with 25 magnetic pieces, 24 ornaments to count down the days and a star for the top of the tree on Christmas day!

  • This Advent calendar has a box attached at the base of the tree to neatly store the magnetic pieces.

  • New this year: baby Jesus and Merry Christmas pieces are included!

This wooden Advent calendar is a great way to help you children count down that days until Christmas and use their creative skills while doing it! The magnetic ornaments are each unique and can be arranged however your children decide looks best! The last piece, on Christmas Day, is a star for the top of the tree! This is an easy and fun way for your children to get ready for Christmas. This set now comes with a baby Jesus and a Merry Christmas piece.


  • Dimensions: 12”x 16.5”

  • 25 magnetic pieces

  • New baby Jesus and Merry Christmas pieces

  • Wooden Christmas tree design

This Advent calendar is perfect to use year after year and allows your children to enjoy changing and decorating the Christmas trees.

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