A Story Of Venerable Catherine McAuley


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Footsteps of the Saints Series

Catherine was surrounded by many Protestants who tried to dissuade her from attending Mass. But Catherine stayed true to her Catholic faith and converted others by her prayers and kindness. In 1822, after receiving a large inheritance she used the money to build an orphanage and in 1831 she became the head of a new religious Order called the Sisters Of Mercy. reading this story can encourage us to follow in the footsteps of Ven. Catherine McAuley who remained steadfast in her faith and dedicated her life and wealth to help care for those in need.Has Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

Level 1 books in the Footsteps of the Saints series are about 32 pages each and are written at about a second grade reading level. The print size is large to make it easier to read for young readers, and there are many wonderful illustrations to give a visual for your younger children who are listening. Individual

Author: Brother Ernest C.S.C.
Reprint from early 1900s

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