Prayer Pillowcase - The Sacred & Immaculate Hearts


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  • Feast Day of the Sacred Heart: 19 Days after Pentecost Sunday
  • Feast Day of the Immaculate Heart: Saturday after the Feast of the Sacred Heart

Holy images not only capture our hearts, they help focus our thoughts heavenward. When you combine them with prayer, you've got a wonderful way to teach the Faith!

Our warm devotional illustrations of Jesus and His Sacred Heart, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are encircled with companion prayers to guide Catholics young and old closer to Jesus and the Blessed Virgin. When we pray to the Sacred Heart we ask Jesus to Have Mercy on Usfor our sins. When we pray to the Immaculate Heart we ask Mary to Pray for Us as our loving mother who brings all our prayers and needs before God. Aided by a parent's loving and prayerful guidance our Sacred and Immaculate Hearts Prayer Pillowcase can help children grow to understand that when prayed from the heart, these simple sounding words become prayers with the power to cleanse and renew their souls. Captivate and focus your loved one's heart on Jesus and Mary: give the gift of a Sacred and Immaculate Hearts Prayer Pillowcase.

  • Designed and printed in the USA
  • Water-based ink that is CPSIA compliant
  • 20" x 31" Poly-Cotton case fits standard and queen-sized pillows

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