My Catholic ABC


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How do I give my child an early education? How can I teach her the Catholic Faith? Where do I start?

Begin with My Catholic ABC’s!

My Catholic ABC’s engages your child’s attention and offers you hours of learning potential. Written and animated for children ages six months and up, this high-definition program includes:

Engaging animations reinforcing alphabet concepts
All original music composed by Matthew Torres
Your child’s first exposure to famous Christian artworks

For the youngest child, this program is the perfect starting point for first letters and words. With an older child, you can introduce spelling, faith concepts, colors, and even art appreciation. And, unlike other television programs for young children, My Catholic ABC’s doesn’t have a hidden agenda or any mixed messages. It’s wholesome and holy education!

With My Catholic ABC’s, your child will learn:

A is for Angel
B is for Baptism
C is for Crucifix

Every letter is represented by words and images that help reinforce the alphabet, basic phonetics, and Catholic concepts. It’s never too early to begin teaching your child letters and sounds—and now you can also teach him all the wonderful things about being Catholic.

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