*Let's Discover The Rosary* (DVD)


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Join Sister Softy and her friends as they embark on an epic journey to discover what the Rosary is all about! This is NOT your typical rosary DVD which simply teaches how to pray the rosary, instead, Let's Discover the Rosary uses interactive puppets, creative cartoon animations, and live footage of actual kids answering questions about the rosary! Every child and adult is sure to learn something new. This video explores how the rosary came to be, why we pray the rosary, how to pray the rosary, as well as, explanations of the mysteries and the miracles associated with the rosary. Come along as we learn together why the rosary plays such a vital role in our faith!

Run Time: Approximately 35 minutes

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Let’s Discover the Rosary covers these main points:

  • The history of the rosary
  • Use of prayer beads
  • St. Dominic
  • Why do we pray to Mary
  • The three main prayers
  • Explaining the mysteries
  • Events in history that formed the rosary we know today
  • Why should we pray the rosary


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