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Teach your little ones to count on what really counts with ABCatholic’s Learn to Count! Geared to children six-months and up, this high-definition DVD features bright, engaging animations paired with live-action video to introduce your child to numbers and counting 1 through 10. Your child will love interacting with the children in this production! To integrate early basics for mathematics and language skills, each number is introduced by: Spoken Name Quantity Numeral and Written Word But you can count on ABCatholic to go a step further: Items and symbols representing each number have been carefully selected to establish early Catholic concepts. Learn to Count begins with: 1 Tabernacle 2 Rosaries 3 Bells For the youngest child, this program is the ideal starting point for learning numbers. For older children, Learn to Count can be used to introduce to counting, spelling, and faith concepts. And parents can take heart in knowing they can trust ABCatholic to provide wholesome and holy tools for early education.

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