In His Presence


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The Cantate Domino Latin Choir was founded in 2012 and was given a home at St. Ann Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC in 2013 under the direction of Reverend Father Timothy Reid. The choir emphasizes the beautiful traditions of Latin chants, hymns, and polyphony of the Roman Catholic Church. It has grown from four girls to the current membership of 17 girls ranging in age from 11-17.

For the Cantate Domino Latin Choir, this exhortation possesses a dual meaning: to sing the song of the soul in silent adoration and sing the song of the voice in praise of Our Lord. Choir practices begin with each girl adoring Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. There she requests His blessing upon the vocations of the young men and boys who serve at the altar, for Father Reid and his intentions, and lastly, upon her singing. After ending her scriptural song she then begins her vocal song with her companions. Under the exemplary direction of Mrs. Rowe, each girl raises her voice in song both in sublime chants and beautiful harmonies. How do girls with limited vocal training create such heavenly songs? It s through the help of angels; angels singing with beauty, joy, and love with which they are filled when......In His Presence.

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