A Story of Saint Meinrad


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Footsteps of the Saints Series

Little is known about Meinrad's childhood. He received a good education, joined the Benedictine monks and was ordained a priest. He left the monastery with permission of his Abbot and built a hermitage for himself in the forest. Most of his time was spent in prayer for he wanted to praise God for all those who did not praise Him. His life teaches us we are on earth to know, love and serve God so that we too can become saints. Has Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur

Level 1 books in the Footsteps of the Saints series are about 32 pages each and are written at about a second grade reading level. The print size is large to make it easier to read for young readers, and there are many wonderful illustrations to give a visual for your younger children who are listening. Individual

Author: Brother Ernest C.S.C.
Reprint from early 1900s

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